How to find good stocks ?

I'm new to trading, i recently opened an account.

I want to start trading, but i don't know what type of stocks should i prefer.
I understand they are just trading styles and everyone choses their own.
But just for practice purposes, what should be my 1st step ? what should i try to trade in?

Thanks Guys !
  1. Do home work before buying shares.
  2. Look for trends in a company’s earning growth.
  3. Relative strength in industry
  4. Check the Debt-equity and price earning ratio
  5. Dividends
Most global tech companies are really really good stocks and do wonders if bought in right time and correctly anyway. How do you plan to go on ? I do not see anything like that there completely all together. I do want to see that things.
Well my advice would be to pick up stocks that you understand. You have to do a research on stocks , shortlist some stocks and then match which type of stocks suit your risk tolerance limits and financial goals. For the start, invest in stocks that are well known for its stability and growth.

p.s – just be patient and don’t invest all your money in one go.
If you are planning for investment medium to long term then I would suggest fundamental analysis.
For short term or intraday and if you want to use technical analysis, the best way is to start with some pivots. They are holy grails of intraday trading, any experienced trader will know that.

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