How to create a trading journal

Hi, I'm looking for an excel template or an website that shows my performance like this. This site below doesn't support Indian tickers and can't upload data from nest. If anyone knows, that'd be very helpful. Thanks.
I had the same question. After researching some blogs, forums and books, I created my own trading journal software. It's a work in progress but it helps with most of the things mentioned above and shows the data using charts. Attached are couple of screenshots from the software. Though I created it for my personal use, I think it could be useful for others too so I have made it available for free -


Create a spreadsheet or use trade journal software to track each trade and note entry and exit points, discussions, sentiment, and results for analysis. Review and analyze your diary regularly to identify patterns, strengths, and opportunities for improvement in your trading strategy.
You can create a free Google Spreadsheet and have following columns there. This should help you with creating a trading journal.

  • Date and Time: Record when you entered the trade.
  • Instrument: Specify the financial instrument (e.g., stock, currency pair, commodity) you traded.
  • Entry and Exit Prices: Note the prices at which you entered and exited the trade.
  • Position Size: Document the size of your position (number of shares, lots, or contracts).
  • Strategy Used: Describe the trading strategy you employed.
  • Reasons for the Trade: Explain why you took the trade.
  • Lessons Learned: Jot down any insights or mistakes you discovered.
  • Trade Outcome: Record whether the trade was profitable or not.

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