trading journal

  1. S

    How to create a trading journal

    Hi, I'm looking for an excel template or an website that shows my performance like this. This site below doesn't support Indian tickers and can't upload data from nest. If anyone knows, that'd be very helpful. Thanks.
  2. maddyji

    Maddy's Day Trading Journal : BankNifty and Nifty 2019

    Maddy's Day Trading Journal : 2019 [BankNifty and Nifty] Hi all, This is my journal and this will be very helpful for me in future. I was always interested in stock market, but was very scared of all the bad aura surrounding it. That story is for some other day. My initial capital was Rs...
  3. V

    Daily target of 5%

    Hi everyone I have long cherished to open a trading diary. I have been trading for the past 4 years, with one year in a trading firm. The platform will be using is zerodha. Will be starting will only 10k and try to compound it will average of 5% I have just started the journey just on Wed and my...