How to check mutual fund authentic websites to invest online

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Please let me know where can i find information about mutual fund websites if it's authentic website of mutual fund company or not. for example DSP black rock. and can camsonline be used for this purpose.

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Investing money in any online business is always associated with high risks so it is better to look some local mutual fund or asset management company for investing your hard earned funds with them. However mutual funds do carry certain risks so invest carefully after reading their terms and conditions properly.
Answer: Its very hard to find the authenticity of any online Mutual Fund investing Company because there are some risks attached to Mutual Fund one should carefully read the terms and condition to save their hands from fire. Its better to investigate the name of the company on the website of exchange that whether it is listed there or not.
I have try to find any authenticated website which can provide all the helpful information but do not find it. I think there is should be an online way to find the authentication any online website.
There are many authentic websites to check detailed information about Mutual funds:

1. (Provides ratings to MF Schemes)
2. (Provides ratings to MF Schemes)

In order to invest money in Mutual Funds, try:
1. (no charges but can invest in only Regular plans)
2. (charges, can invest in Direct plans also)
3. (charges, can invest in Direct plans also)

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