How to bring Candlestick charts


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Solved: How to bring Candlestick charts

I don't know what I did? Now I am not able to bring candlestick chart...

I have tried a lot...

Even I have opened a new blank and set it candlestick but I just see OHLC chart in daily but I see candlestick chart when I timeframe to weekly.

What I did wrong??? How I can bring candle stick charts back in daily time frame???

Please write back...
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Guys please... I don't have a clue what's gone wrong...

I am trying, trying, trying... but it just shows bar chart in daily time frame... I even downloaded an AFL which is coded for candlestick charts...

I have created a new database, but still bar chart...

Have anyone every faced this kinda issue?


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A find...

The data comes with amibroker installation does have candlesticks in daily timeframe but the database I created doesn't. Even I created a new one, but still no success...

Is there any settings I ought to do to get candlestick charts in daily TF???

Hoping for a solution from you guys after market closed...


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I think I found what gone wrong... :fatigue:

When I imported, OPEN value wrong designated to OI... so the reason I was getting bar like candle stick chart. :eek: