How to be patient

Trade with a plan alongside, that really helps to maintain that discipline and calm. Mostly traders panic and loose their patience when they do not know what to do next.


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everyday when i start amibroker, a beautiful foreign lady say all nice things to me :DD:DD:DD it make me patient :DD:DD:DD
it is very helpful for trading :DD:DD:DD
if( Nz( StaticVarGet("InitializationDone") ) == 0 )
StaticVarSet("InitializationDone", 1);
Say( "hi, good morning", 0 );
Say( "you are the best", 0 );
Say( "today you will achieve all your targets", 0 );
Say( "dont do overtrading", 0 );
Say( "tomorrow is another opportunity, live today fight tomorrow", 0 );
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To be patient you need to get admitted in hospital. You become patient.

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