How to be patient

Most traders are too eager to jump in and trade whenever any opportunity arises. It could be helpful sometimes to take a break, allow oneself to have the time to look at the bigger picture, instead of focusing too much on one aspect.
That's right. Trading at the right moment and with the right emotion is very important. Its not necessary to panic and catch hold of every market opportunity, one should be relaxed as well.
If losing your money is not enough to let you know the importance of patience then you are headed in the wrong direction. From waht you have said. it is not that you lack patience, you are just emotional. What do I mean by emotional. Emotions include desire. You desire money and you desire to get it quick. Some people call it greed. You should not buy stcks with an aim of getting money and I mean a lot of it in a shortwhile, That is the impatience you have. Hurrying to buy stocks will get you into troube. You will lose your money very fast if luck is not on your side. To the beginners. Do not let in emotions to this kind of business.
This post is from way back but to the current people that are reading it, consider my words. First things first. no one can teach you how to be patient. Patience comes naturally, you cannot jsut acquire it from others. You have to decide on your own without any influence that you are going to be patient. In some cases it takes some losss for people to learn the importance of patience like this person learnt. Being impatient will soct you greatly. Do not rush into purchasing stocks if you have not done your research properly. Getting a better feal depends on you entirely. you have to be able to identify it.
Patience is a very important process when it comes to trading. In fact, trading will benefit you so many thing in the long run - patience, determination, risk management, money management, and so much more.
How to be patient? That I cannot tell you because you and I have a different mindset but all I can say is not to get upset or greedy while trading. That will help you out.

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