how profitable is Nifty Option Scalping?

I don't know exactly what kind of scapling is this. Could you please make a brief description of it?


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You may get better liquidity in weekly Bank Nifty options as they are traded for almost 50000 crores a day. You need not look for 2-4 points instead you may get 20-40 points in them.
50,000 crores a day ?? It hardly anywhere between 500 to 1000 cr each side on weekly and far less on monthly contracts.


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how profitable is Nifty Option Scalping for 2-4 points with 900Q?
900 q is quantity ?

profit/loss depends upon traders real trading experience in scalping.
options scalping knowledge we cannot get on books. Real trading exp is needed.
and trader must have that scalping mindset and real fast on operating key board.
Picking quick pull back or moving point on Nifty future is very important. But that is not enough to replicate the trade signal on option scalping. Trader must be able to sense the time decay moments and visually track the spot-future spread changes. These factors effect scalping. And these things only come by experience dedicating time. Not suggestable imo.


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Today's BN put option of 27800 traded for 36364 crores. In high volatile days the value exceeds 50000 Crores. View attachment 37278

Pls Ignore that. That's turnover calculated for stock exchange. In the terminal add column profile " premium trade value" or the same will be available in a similar name. For manual calc multiply the traded volume with ATP of the day and that will be premium value traded. That's the number you are referring ...