Evaluate your Trading Tips and Prove your Skill in Analysis

Dear Contributors of Traderji,
With Experiencing many ups and down in Trading Career,I also started reading Articles,exploring strategies,began reading many Paid and free charts from Softwares ,following TV Experts Tips, tried many Paid Tipster services and so on like most of you.
Tracking this forum from outside for many few years,i found that many of the Participants should be extremely appreciated for their innovative contributions made in developing or modifying Strategies, new Technological findings, and many more in making the life of a Trader or Investor more easier.
Many of our fellow members are curious in posting new strategies while some others are only sharing their trading ideas on Stocks or Index.
Anyhow i thank them all for the efforts made.As a wellwisher of this forum,i also decided to contribute myself towards this forum.

As a Result of my years effort in this line i came up with a Beta version of an Evaluator where any sort of Trade Tips could be tested against the real performance and thus prove your Analytical Skill before the general Public.