Historical+ Future BSE/NSE adjusted price data


I am looking at historical and future ongoing basis bse /nse price data which has Bse scrip code, open, high, low, close and volume. Similarly for Nse, NSE symbol, open, high, low, close and volume.

How do i manage to also have these prices on an ongoing basis wherein price adjustment for bonus, split, rights, etc should be accounted.

If any vendor is providing this service and a fair price, please provide the details.

Try the package from Metastock guys. They are there in many cities in India. Alternately, you may try to get data from yahoo through some wonderful xls files or even some basic charting tools. Good Luck.
There is small hack i use for this, download today's EOD from yahoo for the symbol you want, it will have adjusted close value as the last column, calculate
factor = Close /Adjusted Close, multiply this factor value with any raw value from NSE or other unadjusted sources you will get the adjusted value.

I have downloaded the data from NSEINDIA. This is not adjusted data. How to adjust the entire data since 7-11-1994

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