Hi - Words of Wisdom!

Hello Everyone,

I found this forum sometime back and have been going through it frequently however it is only today that I decided to register and get a sense of belonging with everyone out here.

I was attracted to the markets back in mid 2007 and ever since was dealing in Cash, Index Futures and a couple of times in Forex Mkts.

My decisions are based on discussions in Business News Channels or by Tips given by prominent Analysts ( I rely on very few!).

Off late I depend on Tech.Analysis - Using some of the many indicators before putting my money out there in the market. I am trying to be better at it.

More than making a profit out of the tip that I got I try to learn and understand the markets. I believe that goes a long way than the profit that I make today.

I believe in what I have put down below: (Can't recollect who quotted!)

Those who enter the market with money, go out with Knowledge and those enter with Knowledge go out with the money

Thanks for reading,

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