hi everyone

hi I am jav, new to traderji site, I have gone thru some of the post which were very relevant. the information that one gets out of this site is really very easy and enhances ones knowledge and it also keep one very up to date. There are a lot of peoples who are always ready to answer and solve any queries that is something which I like most.

I am into business and also very much interested in Spot Commodity trading, especially gold and silver, my interest is not to do intraday trading or margin trading, or futures all I want to do is do Cash Market transaction. like I will suppose buy gold ETF of say SBI or Kotak etc @25000/- per gram and pay by cheque then and there only and sell it when the rate goes up say 30000/- per 10 gram. for that I am also ready to wait for any time say 15 days 1 month 6 months etc.

My question is, Is my money safe while doing those transaction ? when I sell my assets will I get the money due in time especially after this NSEL Scam ?

Please members help me get appropriate information regarding this.

Thank you All
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