help with saints pivot


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hi friends

can nebody plzzz help me with identification of pivots in saints method.... do we hav to only consider candle body or shadows also :confused:...... is line chart better or candl stk for pivots.... i find lines easier n candle stk confusin for trend spotting...... plzzzz help :(


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hi rahul...As per the pivots u need to consider the full body of the candle including the shadow(to consider pivot lows/highs)...As of the line chart..u can identify the trend but the highs and lows of pivots are best found in candle stick or bar charts for saint sirs method..hope it helps..all the best..


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hi kamlesh

thanx for quick reply.... by hi n low r u talkin abt time frame like 5 min hi low.... but if we use tick data then no need for hi low na..... tick data is best for intrade tradin, rite......
is 60 min chart best for day tradin.... so does it have only one 60 min bar or tick data together formin multiple candl stks in 60 min..... also whts the time frame for miniflow...... i m sorry if these questions r silly..... i m just started learnin.....


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yes rahul ...none of saint sirs methods use tick charts :)...For 30 min flow, the time frame used is 30min and for 60 min flow its the 60 min chart...u can check saint sirs thread for more insight on the rules buddy...If ur trading as per ur convenience with the tick chart its great too..but when u talk of pivots and saint sirs methods u definitely have to look in to times frames like 5/15/30/60 min...:thumb:

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