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    weekly/monthly pivot points on daily charts

    Hi, Want to plot weekly & monthly pivot points on daily charts data. Can anyone have afl for this? Regards, P
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    Need a help for EMA Pivot backward Testing

    Friends I need back test results (Banknifty & Nifty) for below method for last 2 or 3 years When 100 EMA crosses Daily Pivot point((high+low+close)/3) from bottom will go for BUY When 100 EMA crosses Daily Pivot point from upper means will go for SELL. Kindly provide the help...
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    Natraj EOD Tech Chart

    This Consists of Day, Weekly & Monthly Pivot Support Resistant Levels. Some of the interesting addons included are Fibo Levels, ATP, Auto MAvg, Daily Technical Breakout Levels,Super Trend Buy sell Indicator & switching Bar/candle. Check out Parameter window. _SECTION_BEGIN("Natraj EOD...
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    Hello Friends, I need some good articles to understand swing highs and lows please. Thanks.. KAruna
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    AFL correction - help needed

    Hi All, Below afl plots a straight line which is not extended to the extreme right of the chart. Please help me doing corrections so that the marked line is extended to the extreme right and plots only for current day. I have attached the image. _SECTION_BEGIN("Price"); _N(Title =...
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    AFL changes -- please help

    Hi Seniors, Please help me make changes to the below afl. I am looking for (image attached): 1. The latest pivots encircled in Yellow color plot as hard lines. 2. The previous to latest encircled in Green color plotted as dashed lines. Please help. To my understanding these pivots...
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    www.earnometer.com - Pivot Calculator -- Need Help

    Hi Seniors, I came across a site indicating the pivot calculations for all NSE, F&O and MCS scrips. I found it to be a nice one. I tried all possible calculation to to generate the similar levels of Pivots but failed. Please help me understand the calculations how these pivot levels are...
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    which calculators can be used for short term,mid term and long term trading in equities - fibonacci,pivot,gann,woodie,camarilla,tom demark ......any other.
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    how to do this?

    Hello, using Plot() to plot lines... draws a lines from left to right. But I want to draw a line on the right side.. and NOT the left side... For example: I want to draw Pivot Lines but simply passing the pivot value draws the whole line.. I want them only on right side. Actually I had...
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    Nifty Futures-5 Min Pivot Method-Live Discussion

    Hello All fellow Traders I am opening this new thread for the Live Discussion of the 5 Min Pivot Method as proposed by our dear friend Rajendrani. The method is detailed and bfully explained at the following page and subsequent ones...
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    help with saints pivot

    hi friends can nebody plzzz help me with identification of pivots in saints method.... do we hav to only consider candle body or shadows also :confused:...... is line chart better or candl stk for pivots.... i find lines easier n candle stk confusin for trend spotting...... plzzzz help :(