Help needed for QUICK PROFITS afl coding

Hi experts

Here is a simple trading system.
It seems to work in intraday conditions like 30min or hourly.
It is based on RSI and smoothing by 5.(fast and slow)

The chart is shown below.
It has smoothed RSI blue line,a reference line in yellow and a 50 line.

rules are like
BUY = when blue line and yellow line are below 50 and blue cross above yellow
SELL = When blue line and yellow line are both above 50 line and blue line cross below yellow line

The kind of smoothing used for RSI and slow line in yellow is not clear.
Can somebody help get similar pattern blue and yellow lines in afl code please
I suspect the yellow line is a displaced moving average following RSI smoothed blue line.

Hi KelvinHand

Thank you for the solution to my problem.

Here is my observation.

There is a chart showing 4 different afl in action.

Top one is EDPOTTASCH,s volatility stop code based chart.
Second from top is chart QQE-rsi based formula
Third from top is RS Relative strength and its Ema10
Bottom chart is OBV in the form of GUPPY OBV.

since there is no soon enough visual confirmation from OBV, I decided that OBV doesnt fit my needs. Well,as for strength,I have QQE using RSI and RS using index as base-they seem to be enough.
I will test QQE and see if it can be one of 3 charts I use for trading intraday on 30min or 60min.
Grateful for your help and thanks for your patience to bear with my cilly queries.
Best regards

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