HELP NEEDED! Choosing Right Platform


Note: My Research is about the Stocks using EOD data.

I have wasted two weeks learning NinjaTrader and then finding after two weeks that it was a userless choice for me.

Because I can not import more than the usual OHLC data.

I am already using Amibroker. But i have my own reasons to use one more tool.

I request the experienced users to Guide me please:

My Two choices are MT4 & MetaStock.

Here are my exact requirements, so Please help me Select based on below Parameters:

1) I want to Import more than Usual OHLC data. I want to import Date, OHLC, Number _of_trades, delivery qty, delivery to, weighted price, industry, split_flag and few more fields.

Which platform will let me import data from TXT file with all these above fields?

also, i should be able to plot these fields and use them in Coding or Straregies.

2) Ease of Coding.. I am okey in C Coding. So which platform is easier to code?

3) Robust BackTesting capabilities?


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