Hello to the community

Hello, I am actually an amateur investor who has been investing for the last three years using the internet in conjunction with a demat account. Most of this I do from my office and although I have not been active for the past year because the market has been down I did make quite a lot of money last year and managed to sell quite a bit of my holdings before the market went down.

My style is fairly safe since I invest mostly in large cap stocks on the Sensex or the Nifty and I look for low PE ratios and for dividend paying stocks. Since I am a long term investor I am still okay at this point. However I do foresee the possibility of the Sensex going down to 14,500 and I think investors should be ready for that.

I try to read and keep myself informed about the economy but I realise that if trading is not a full time activity one has to be ready to take high risk without necessarily achieving high profits. Most of my success in the past years has come simply because I have had the cash to keep averaging and was able to take advantage of the market when the Sensex went down to as low as 6,600. Since I was not very greedy, I got out of a substantial part of my holding when the market was above 19,000. For the past year I have been very quiet since the shares I kept are still good long term dividend paying type of shares.

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