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  1. P

    Learning to trade with order flow

    Hello everyone, Note to moderator: If you find this thread inappropriate for this topic then kindly move it to where it belongs or tell me and I'll repost it. Thanks for this wonderful forum - moderators and members _/\_ I am new to trading. Started last month and just recently came across...
  2. F

    Hi Everybody

    Hi Everybody, I am a discricionary trader in Brazil learning the first steps toward system trading with Amibroker. I have been trading stocks, futures and commodities in last four years. And I discovered this forum looking for resources regarding Amibroker Thank´s for your attention...
  3. maheshnmahi

    Hi all

    Hello, I have no trading/investing experience, but i'm interested and about to take baby steps in this world. :sos: So looking forward to have good discussions here. :cheers: Regards, Mahesh
  4. H

    Support me to start day trading

    Hi Friends Could anybody brief me how can start day trading - What should be my first step like. I have read one book about stock market and I know a bit of fundamental terms. Regards, Ravi
  5. E

    Newbie in Trading!

    Hi! I am a young government worker. This is my third year in service. I have saved 10,000 rupees for investment. I am ready to take moderate risk. I am planning to open DEMAT+Trading account. I want to keep Account Opening Charges minimum. Is Angel Broking good for me? What do you suggest
  6. S

    Newbee in Stock Market

    Greetings All, I am newbee in stock market, yet to begin my trading. Any tips tools and tricks to beginner like me. I have gone through a basic course on Stock trading 1) Basics of Stock Market 2) Tools Candle Stick Moving Average RSI MACD Support and Resistance Fibonacci Methods...
  7. A

    New Joinee

    Hi, I want to learn the basics of investing, I am specially interested in IPOs and day trading.Can you guys suggest me good starting point for a new comer
  8. K


    I am a newbie here, and also to the 'trading world'. I've joined this site to get some views, news and help and advice on how to trade in the best way. Thank you
  9. P

    Hello to fellow community members

    Dear Friends, Hello to you all and I found this forum while searching for trading ideas. This seems to be active forum which I would like to be part of... I have been investing since last 5 years and mostly I take the trading tips from broker/DP firms and I would like Thank you for this...
  10. N

    Hello to the community

    Hello, I am actually an amateur investor who has been investing for the last three years using the internet in conjunction with a demat account. Most of this I do from my office and although I have not been active for the past year because the market has been down I did make quite a lot of money...
  11. thelifecoder

    Hi friends

    Hi friends :)
  12. A

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, This is Mrs Anjani. I am a long term investor and home maker. Please add me to your mailing list. My id is [email protected] If you could forward me research reports for long term investment, I will be very happy. Thanks and regards, Anjani
  13. A

    help needed for commodity

    hi everybody:),i am a new trader in commodity,i wanted to ask what is hedging of positions in mcx.i have heard by hedging we can stop our loses is it like if i buy copper at 353 and it goes to 345 and further down and i want to hold then i can stop my loses by hedging and the market will not...
  14. P

    New bee here

    :)I am PRadeep, completed my computer science engineering from SSN chennai and i am with a software concern now. I have been with stock market for almost 2 years now, more of an investor and i havent reaped much benefits so far. From my childhood i love playing with money, treating it just...
  15. T

    Hi Friends, your blessings and advice welcome!

    Hi Friends, I have been a stock market investor for the last 3 years and observing it from a distance and wondering how all these speculations turns into money. To my surprise I found a Traders Course and attended it recently. The Institute has done a decent job of covering fundamentals...