Hello to one and all

Hi Guys n Girls,
I am Flex (nick name of course) and I am alchoholic. oh sorry wrong site lol. On a serious note I am based in the UK and have always had a interest in trading, markets, etf's, cfd's etc. I work in Finance for the Government which is very boring and unchallanging so at 34 I hope to embark on a brand new career as a Trader self employed of course!

I am reading "Trading for a Living" Alexanda Elder, great book it is so easy to understand and straight to the point like myself. I own a few stocks at the moment Banking and Technology.

I want to get deep into this though with Technical and Fundamental Analysis and trade daily, weekly and hopefully become a professional? I know it is not an easy thing to get into and I am not hoping to make quick buck or two, or a pound for that matter, I am in this for the long term up, down good and bad well here I am hope you Guys n Girls can enlighten me with your experience advice and opinions? Happy Trading

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