new to the trading

  1. F

    Hello to one and all

    Hi Guys n Girls, I am Flex (nick name of course) and I am alchoholic. oh sorry wrong site lol. On a serious note I am based in the UK and have always had a interest in trading, markets, etf's, cfd's etc. I work in Finance for the Government which is very boring and...
  2. thedivine

    help in nifty options

    Hello, I am new to trading & stuff...I have followed Saint's post It has helped greatly.... I am looking to start trading in Nifty options/futures Which can be more easy to start with in terms of capital... can any one give me some steps as to how can i do this All help from seniors...
  3. N

    New To Market

    Hello, I am new to market,I have opened an ICICI Direct account. I have ten thousand rupees with me to trade. So please suggest me in the following: 1)Is ICICI good for intraday tading,I heard brokerage is high please suggest any other broking firm. 2)Everyone says that we need to...
  4. R

    Fresh small investor

    Hello, Hope to be find good advice and help from rest of the folks on this discussion group Ram
  5. R

    Hello! Fellow Traders

    Dear Friends, Greetings, I am a new bird of this flock. Novice to the trading world but want to learn and experience the financial market trading. I want to earn money by making safe investments. I am wondering if we have the mentor system on this portal. Mentorship will definitely...