stock trading

  1. TraderHR

    Stocks Ready to Break Out

    Stocks that are ready to break out and are consolidating in bullish/bearish triangles, flags, pennants, rectangles, and wedges ahead of the continuation of the trend.
  2. R

    How is stock trading different than stock investing?

    Stock Investing Investing appears primarily at basics, which tend to be long-time period drivers of stock expenses. The long-time period investor waits out the zigzags as long as the bullish outlook and the general uptrend are intact. The good part is that making an investment entails fewer...
  3. A

    Pick stocks one day before

    Hi All, Thanks for supporting me, I have been following traderji for years now and learning each day. I have a Youtube video to share with other traders, I find it useful and You can also start trading using this method.
  4. A

    New Ebook on Stock market

    Hi, Stock market techniques is the new book on stock market by K.R.Ashok kumar explains about the stock investing, stock trading. with three day to day techniques to be used by everyone in their trading routine. This ebook is available for free till July 5th...
  5. J

    Learning how to trade

    Hi All, If you want to practise your stock market/investing skills while competing against your friends, I suggest checking out this website: It's a brand-new stock market platform where you can trade in daily and weekly stock market tournaments while chatting real-time...
  6. Debarghya Mukherjee

    My View on Market and Economy : Debarghya Mukherjee

    Hello Traderji Friends, I was searching some good threads on fundamental analysis in Traderji, but failed to get what I was really looking for. So Started this new thread on my view on market and impact of economy. Here I want to discuss about various economical matters that helps us to...
  7. S

    Day Trading software for NSE/BSE

    Sir, I am a member of your forum, Please let me know, is there any software available for Indian Stock Market giving buying and selling signal. If it is available please inform me. Thanks.
  8. K

    Hello from NewBie to World of Trading/Investment

    Dear Friends, Good Day :) Myself just new and joined today this wonderful form that landed while searching online for Stock Trading Ticker updates online :) 1) Self trading/investing experience started as Gulf NRI with help of Mr. Mani a South Indian friend. 2) This experience started in...
  9. G

    Gold prices saw a bright day

    Japanese Index Nikkei ended up on a higher note Encouraged by financial shares when a report said that most major Asian banks may be exempt from planned new global rules and this news took the Japanese Nikkei to end up on a higher note. The Japanese equities surprisingly outperformed other...
  10. E

    A ver basic question on costs related to trading

    Hey all, I have been following the markets since few months and recently want to start trading. But, before that I am trying to build up an Excel model for myself for which I need to know some points. One of the things that I want to know is what all sort of costs are related to trading...
  11. S

    Avantel buy back at Rs 50/share

    Avantel Ltd has informed to the BSE that the board has approved the proposal for buy back of equity shares of Rs 10/- each of the fully paid up equity share capital of the company ........ Read More
  12. A

    hi all

    I had worked in various sectors in the banking industry: asset management, bank treasury, hedge fund and financial news provider. My experience and knowledge exposure me to equities,commodities and forex. With these experience and knowledge, I am now trading for a Living with my fully tested...