Hello, and need some simple advice in simple words

Hello folks out there,
just joined and hope this will enlighten me towards trading in select Indian stocks or nifty. Learning to read around and all the talk about MACD, Bollinger, Fibonacci has left me wondering is there a program where I can get automatically updated data and charts of the stocks I pick up like a portfolio sort of thing? forgive my ignorance and pls help.


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Welcome Mr. Kumar,

Yes you can sure get a portfolio which does not require you to monitor much. I can give you various options. Before that I need to know your mindset and what will work for you. For which I need to talk to you.

If you are interested please keep in touch.
thanks ram, as I said I am reading about MACD, Bollinger. I want to know exactly where can I check out those live charts of stocks? :thumb:

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