HELLO WORLD AFL, Expert Help Needed


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Dear All,

Hope you fine & well,

I have been introduced to AFL 2 weeks ago & since that I have dived into web trying to understand the basic fundamentals for this nice language and I have struggle a lot for that.
there is no detailed step by step guide to learn coding it, and I bet all you expert have gain your knowledge mainly through practice.
Basic examples are very rare "HELLO WORLD" level, so please help me and many others by sharing codes as simple as that here. Simple +-*/ operations can be good start.
Also simple trading system that can Buy at Close >30% previous close, &
Sell at Close> 5% from buy value.



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Dear Colion,

Thanks for your replay, but I have lost in the massive coding programs, I only seek for small ones which I can learn from them, If you can help me pleas do so & write me the code.

Much Regards
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