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so nice of u sh50, for keeping me update... and giving new site add for more knowledge updation....keep it up....

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I found this site extremely useful in learning technical analysis. The site is The great thing about this site is very many indicators are explained with releveant charts and the formulae for the same were also given, if i am not mistaken. I benifited immensly from this site. Hope u will also like this. Do visit.



Those who are starting out in TA can read the Steven Achelis book from equis site.To read the book at your comfort do the following
Go to and download winhttrack website copier.
Enter the url\Education\TAAZ\index.html into winht
Now you can download the whole website and learn TA at your leisure,Download will take only a few minutes

Here you go with some more
Articles by Larry Pesavento

Indicator-A-Day Series

Just about everything an Online Investor or DayTrader needs.

No. 1 Source for Trend Following

Just check out .....great site.They have 2 trading rooms which can be of great help and education if u happen to trade the US markets.Also lots of free newsletters that can be quite educational for any trader of any market.

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