Gold-Crude Oil relationship

Quite an interesting read on the relationship between gold and crude oil at
Re-Gold - Crude oil relationship

The gold stays and oil runs because of its intrinsic value , Both are important in this world if u wear gold u have to travel to exhibit it and you need fuel . which one is important in this world of pomp and show both are trading at its value . Both is found below groundl evels and both are to be processed,gold glitters, oil flutters and now wars are fought on oil and then we shall (human onel fight on water.This is equiblrium in both important ones ,one mass and other liquid ,wars were fought on gold the glittering gold hope it is going ,the glitter remain.Crude to remain till another source of energy not discovered.
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Interesting read indeed.
This article was writtn with great vision as the gold prices have risen since then..

Even more relevant NOW considering the growing opinion that the next long term bull cycle is in the commodities and the equities market approaching a period of consolidation with the markets outrunning the evaluations it will take some time before earnings can catch up.
Perhaps the right time to make the switch.

Thanks Saint, for pointing us to a very useful website -

The article very informative and very interesting. They have more articles on gold now. Today's Business Line has an article where they talk about bullish sentiment fading in gold. Although, regardless of profit taking, gold (and silver) appears headed northward. Street talk here is Rs. 12,000!! A guy I know went to buy some gold yesterday, and was told that the only thing available was a "cadbury" (1 kg. slab). Well, hello, what's happening here?

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