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Out of curiosity, do we have any global macro players on this forum ? I only visit intermittently and wanted to see if there are fellow Indians who like this style of trading
Care to elaborate?

basically using macro economic or other goe-political factors and trends to determine dislocations for trading. An example would be looking at Libor and currency swap agreements to detect possible forex trades like the RUB trade some time back which happened when the RUB collapsed as Russia's central bank could not discount USD beyond a specific period.

My take/"way I see" on global macro - It is basically order flow trading ( based on capital flows) but does not involve looking at physical order books since you can never see real order flow on books unless you are a order channel like a large bank. Usually you will deep dive attempts books and realize it is simply more accurate and easier to look at better sources that cannot be spoofed or hidden. How I came to this was that I was order flow trading with some success in 2008-9 and then matured into macro structures ( basically went from micro structure of markets to macro structure of markets). Again, people have their own take on global macro and was curious to see who else trades this way.
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