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जिन्होंने "पुट" विकल्प चुन रखा है वो शान्ति बनाये रखें जैसा की बाबा तुलसीदास कह गए हैं
," धीरज धर्म मित्र अरु नारी | आफत काल परखिये चारी || "

जिनके पास "कॉल " विकल्प है उनके लिए ," जो हाथ में आ गया वही अपना है | बाकि सब सपना है |"
maine Call karna chhod diya hai...Call aaya to uthake Put kar deta hu..

No Call allowed during the live market..Only Miss Call allowed :D :lol:
Max Loss @7300 and below: 150

You will make a profit of 150 and above only if NF =>7745

Sounds like unfavorable R:R
You missed the point: He was asking if some body could give an example with strike levels to get a bit a grip on the concept and not if some body could post a call with a perfect R:R he can take now. This any way would not be done from my side. Take care / Dan​


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highest OI Still at 7000 PE for both current and next series. And for CE - it's 7700/7800

kaafi wide range hai - mid range still today same as yesterday- 7200-7500

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