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hi all, this is saif. quite a pleasant surprise to find a lot of people interested in fx trading. i'd be grateful if someone can give info abt autotrading. recently i found Flintfx that offers trade signals that can be autotraded with its partners. though Flintfx's performance over last several months has been good, its support is not upto scratch - doesnt provide tel. no. and live chat doesnt work. also, is it legal to trade fx in retail in india. i know there are traders with indian clients but not sure if its totally safe. i saw someone recommending GCI Trading, but i'd like to know if it offers autotrading. thanx in advance
Like you, I was also delighted when I saw this Forex Trading related Forum. Unfortunately, no one tells the steps required to open and trade in Forex from India.
For example:
1. Is it legal for resident Indian (retail trader) to trade in forex?
2. How to Transfer fund into the Account? (with Indian bank A/c in INR)
3. What is the Tax regulation on your earnings? etc. etc..........

I still have hopes, if someday somebody can tell in the forum the exact steps required to start Fx-trading from India as Indian individual. Otherwise it is a good place to pass time.

I am sure lot of people will reply to your post/query. I am also sure those will be of no use to you, it will most likely top-up you confusion.

wish you all the best in Fx-trading.........

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