From 10k to 20k : Diary of a commodity trader..


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From an interesting discussion at another forum in TJ, I'd like to share my experiments in commodity trading through systematic trading.

I will place my trading in TJ, hope this will keep my discipline in check , and to share my experiences with commodity trading.

Starting capital :10k
Goal :10k to 20k in 20 trading days.
Instruments : SilverMic to startwith.
MM : 1 silverMic for 5k(Avoid higher intraday exposures)
Target of 5% per day or 500 Rs.
If loss of the day is 10% of capital , exit for the day

If min target achieved, exit for the day.

Starting today. Hope to achieve the targets. :):)

Will try to post the trade outcomes end of day.


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isn't your plan to stop for the day when profit of 500 achieved ?

yes,The target for the day was 500. And,I trailed the SL rather than setting the target. When there was a spike due to news, I booked at the current price. and exited for the day.

The idea was not to stick on to the trade and erase all the paper profits.

If the market gives me more than my target , why say No? :):)

And, also since friday, I changed the Plan to take more leverage.I will update them later in the forum.

Thanks for following. :)

Dear TraderPRO,

when this thread(from 10k to 25L in 6 months) will start...... all are eagerly waiting........;):D


I want to get on to the Everest,but, one step at a time.

My Everest has eight steps. I am on getting onto the first step.
Thanks for following.

Dear TraderPRO,

Don't take it serious......... i was only kidding.....:D
All the best for your wishes......:):thumb:


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