Freelancer .NET VB vC++ coder is there anyone here


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I need to make a program according to my need.
this has nothing to do with stock market.

All u need to have is efficient knowledge in programming language.
idc whatever language is i just need to get job done.

Trade is simple. I tell u something to code u code it and u make some money :):cool:

Freelancing work that even a Engg student would be able to do it ty

i can pay via paypal / NEFT bank transfer.


1. You must have account in trader ji thats more then 2 months old.
you must have atlest 5 post
2. You must have sound knowledge of programming lanuage whatever u choose
java c++ vb vc++ whatever.

Pm me or post here if u interested...
I am interested in .net coding. Having good experience in most of the languages. But what is the task and how much money...;)
PM me job description with details.


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Nice very nice ....

As long as these are not college project assignments, it would be ok to work it out here.

You could even describe the projects/ideas that are related to trading over here
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