Free database and downloader for Indian Stocks

I came across this and thought it would help MetaStock users who need free database for Indian Stocks and an automatic downloader.

The Smart Downloader allows downloading more than 32000 historical daily quotes from the Yahoo Finance directly into Equis MetaStock. The Smart Downloader, by the full integration, works with the Equis Downloader and allows to automatic downloading of the historical price data.
Smart Downloader collect current (delayed) quotes via Yahoo Finance site. MetaStock EOD and RealTime users periodically update their EOD charts during market hours to reflect actual prices. Next day the Smart Downloader overwrites the data collected from the delayed data feed by historical data to keep integrity of whole data series.
International users can download delayed international quote and historical data via International Yahoo Finance sites.
You can downlod it from:
Thanks for the information on Smart Downloader. But when I installed the same after downloading, it only shows a user guide for smart downloader. Kindly advise how to download / install the downloader.


Thanks Neal
I have already done that and it is working
but the activation code recd thru mail says it is for trial run.
anyway, it is working well but very slow.

thanks once again

U r welcome ashwanyks,

I don't think there is any time limit on this trail.

The data transfer is slow as it needs to download the database from the yahoo website.

It also depends on your net connection.
Hello Neal
Live support is not functional.Is it possible to upload the smart downloader in any files section of any yahoo groups in which u r a member.Not able to download from any other link.The others like hquote and mldownloader u have mentioned are not free. Alternately Is it possible to email the 2.8 MB smart downloader Zip file as an atachment to [email protected]

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