Free cash flow in geojit

Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and a novice investor trying to get into value investing. In the process i found that DCF analysis is a valuable tool and free cash flow is an important input in the calculation. I could find free cash flow only in the Geojit site, for eg : for NMDC : Can anyone tell me how these ppl arrived at the free cash flow figure and how reliable is it to be used for DCF analysis???
Follow the steps below to calculate the intrinsic value.
  1. Take the free cash flow of year X and multiply it with the expected growth rate
  2. Then calculate the NPV of these cash flows by dividing it by the discount rate
  3. Project the cash flows 10 years into the future and repeat steps 1 and 2 for all these years
  4. Add up all the NPV's of the free cash flows
  5. Multiply the 10th year with 12 to get the sell off value*
  6. Add up the values from steps 4, 5, and Cash & Cash Equivalents to arrive at the intrinsic value for the entire company
  7. Simply divide this number with the number of shares outstanding to arrive at the intrinsic value per share.

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