Forum i am Seeking your guidence pls pls pls

Helloa Traderji , crameee , saint , amitbe & all of you

from past some time , i have been trying to learn the things have been somwwhat sucessfull tooo but not much giving all the time that i have just to learn the things ,
would be greateful if you guys can guide me little ,

i have somewhat understood the thumb rules ,
1) checking EMA cross over
2) checking MACD
3) checking RSI
4) VOlume average
5) Momentum
6) Higher highs lower lows , pivot points
7) Somewhat about arriving about the SL levels

but have no clues on following & seeking the forum's help ....... if any one can spare couple of minutes to describe the same or even point me to the right links on the internet where it's explained nicely then would be indeed greatful , i tried posting these few times but unfortunately seems everyone of us is too busy trading .........:)
and thus no one has time to guide/advise ........may be my way of asking earlier would be wrong one .....but i am newbie to this forum so might not be aware much about it

1) how to derive the target price
2) Which graphs [ Daily , Weekly , monthly ] to consider for all the above
3) How you guys track the Counters and pick up the same [ can understand this is very much dependent on each individual but then too would like to understand it at
broader level ] the same would help me to derive the method suitable to me
4) right now i am using F-charts ,but dont think that i am equipped to exploit the full power of the same

i apologies if have asked anything thats too silly .............but thats the level i am ad of now and m sure will be @ better one in few weeks times ........

request you to atleast provide some hints so can learn above things

Hi ibmisp,
Always a pleasure to see a person who has the thirst to question is ever too silly,my friend.....Ask,ask,ask,read,learn,whatever but educate yourself before committing your hard earned money.

Just give me some time..........shall respond after the market closes,what little I know.

All the best,
will for sure with everyone ....... only issues is the huge size of those books , it's bet. 10-20 MB .......... dont know how and where to upload , the download is still going on ..........let me know where to upload the same will do so as soon as the download is through

Hi Traderji

i apologies for the same , sorry unfortunately was not aware of the same ,
Guys whoever intrested please drop me a mail on [email protected] ......will provide the books

once again sorry traderji


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