Hi! New to this forum

Hi! New to this forum. Heard about this forum from a friend. Guess I have heard about this forum before, probably even joined the discussion too. But don't remember the id. Planing to trade full time. Any help would be appreciated.

Trying to signup for weeks, but due to some issues I am not able to.

@Mods, Please check the issues guys, I have been trying to register here for weeks now. Tried registering for more than half a dozen times, not getting confirmation email. Tried bunch of email service providers (I don't know if I can say the list of email service provider where I didn't get the email or not, so I am not naming them), even sent message from "Contact us", but no reply. Tried registering from mobile app, from website. None worked for weeks.
No. Confirmation email is not in the spam/junk/promotion section. I checked everywhere. Finally, in this service provider I got the confirmation email link, so joined and writing you this post. Please check and fix.

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