Feedback on Avadhoot Sathe Trading Academy

I have been in the stock markets for a good 9 yrs now and have attended many such seminars. My advice is - Stay away from such guys. If they are so good to turn around people's fortunes, then i guess they must trade and create a fortune for themselves first instead of running these so-called 'get rich' classes. Ask these guys if they trade the stock markets daily and what is their profit ratio, get them to send u their contract notes for the month to prove their tall claims. I bet they they wont bcoz they dont have anything to show. Its better to trade small and learn from mistakes. This way u will develop ur own style of trading and get the confidence. Good Luck
I have joined Avdhut Sathe Academy as I am fresher to stock market and trading so learning the ropes as I am a slow learner. In my opinion instead of going for all the GEO program at one go ,one should enroll for SMM Program (TIDE,WAVE,EMA,MACD,Chart Patterns) and PAPA (Price Action, Bollinger Band,RSI, Stochastics,DMI) program then master it by applying the study after 3 months of live practice on market then one should go for rest of the 2 program FOME( very hard to digest F&O) and GUE (Elliot Waves)and after completion of 3 years practice on live market then should go for mentorship. As mentorship cost is roughly 6.5lakh and GEO individual program cost is 20k so for 4 programs roughly 80K.
Some of the best teachers in the academy that I liked the most Joginder Singh,Atul Hinger, Sandip Jarode,Mandar Rege,Rajesh Kutty etc and baap of all Avdhut Sathe himself.
Fees are on higher side. I heard recently that one of Avdhoot Sathe trainer or student has started his own academy and is teaching GEO aswellas Mentorship in 1lakh only and is also giving money back guarantee so don't know how far it is true but if you get money back guarantee then seriously go for it also if you find his details do post here.
I follow him on YouTube also. He comes live on youtube every thursday and sometimes he shares his dmat account (profit and loss for that day).
I would like to know more about his courses from those who have attended.
For curiosity, i have attended his 2/3 so called free seminar (for which he charge rupees 590), Pattern is almost same in all seminar, nothing new, half of your time get wasted in hearing the paid testimonial. You will not learn even a 1% from such seminar. Will suggest future trader to learn from youtube channel for free & used your hard earn money in practical trading (very small size) rather than giving such huuuggeee fee for such seminar..

I was also a new comer for this stock market, but belive me guys you need to stay here for longer term to actually earn the gain.

it took me 3 / 4 years in losses only, but all my loss got covered in next three months. Source only you youtube & good learning, you kept on finding source once you like the subject.

Kahte hai na....Agar dil se chaho to puri kaynat lag jati hai use milane main..

Even if you are in loss, dont exit it..learn & earn..
bhai aap kuch youtube videos share kar sakte ho? kaise start kare kaha se start kare technical analysis

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