Fast money withdrawal from trading account


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Hi Trader friends :D

Which brokerage firm allows fast money movement between trading account and bank account, particularly when you are withdrawing money out of trading account. I know one of ICICIDirect, where money is deposited instantly into your ICICI account as soon as you withdraw. I use sharekhan and they run withdrawal cycles daily. If you miss the cycle, then you have to wait for another day.

Does anyone know of any other brokerage firm which allows this?


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But again, I also dont want to compromise with trading terminal speed and lower brokerage rates. Does standard charted have this?


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Yes, services provided by them matches with others in the market, amount of brokerage would depend upon the plan you would subscribe for.


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Sorry dude, but I just dont trust the name Standard Chartered. I dont think anyone in this forum who trades actively even knows about it.

Any other brokerage firm?