F&O ZERO BROKERAGE - JustTrade or RK Global

Which Broker is better?

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Let JUST TRADE offers zero brokerage upto 10-15lakh in OPTION;what does it mean??
you can purchase 3 lots of NIFTY & U can sell the 3 lots ==15 Lakh limit is over!!!

1 lot oy nifty option at strike prize of 5000=5000*lot size=5000*50=250000=2.5 Lakh
purchase of 3 lots of NIFTY option at strike prize of 5000=3*2.5 Lakh=7.5 Lakh
when u sell these three lots ur limit is over (7.5+7.5 Lakh=15 lakh)
Anyway I am not an expert !!!
I thought you switched to Indiabulls at its low rates. What is your experience?
I'm really surprised here that someone actually claims that Religare's service is good. I took their BEST plan. They charged a hefty 1,00,000 upfront payment, but gave extremely low rates which I was happy with. But THEN, the nightmare began:
1) Their trading terminal Race PRO would stop responding/behave whimsically intermittently
2) Their customer service was so poor in terms of response. We've had issues where we needed to call them 5 times only to get no response. They give you numbers of a relationship manager assigned to you, his boss, etc. But try as you might, it will be of no avail.
3) They don't let you trade after 3:00 on their terminal and by 3:05-3:10, their system does an automatic square off of your positions. This was promised to us as 3:15 at time of purchase
4) Poor charting facility.

I was very excited to take up Religare, seeing the marketing pitch they gave and their rates. But just within a couple of months, their true colours showed. I stopped trading on their terminal with a few months to go and a significant amount of brokerage left. I changed brokers and have ever since been extremely happy- maybe in part, due to the low expectations I had, after my cr@ppy and unprofessional experience with Religare. And thankfully, being somewhat organized, I've kept records- mails, screenshots and videos- which prove most of what I've mentioned above, to avoid arguments on my experience.

If you want to take the advice of someone who has traded with Religare on their BEST trading plan(I even have my username and records), it would be to stay WELL CLEAR of them.

Moderators: Could you help me with posting this experience in relevant threads, as I'm not a very frequent poster at Traderji?
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I too had the similar experience. I too had forgone about 12000 out of advance brokerage paid. And, when I transferred 25K for trading account, it was not credited due to some error while transferring, even though money was debited from my bank. I followed it up repeatedly to get it credited. But next day I was surprised to see that it was debited. When I took the matter once again, I was told that it was credited twice and therefore it was debited. In otherwords, these guys can not even make out what debit or credit is. Subsequently, after my repeated efforts, it was credited. And regarding Race-pro; I had listed out over 40 types of errors. Being old, I had forgottong to repeat, but my experience with it can say that it was worst s/w I had ever witnessed.


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Can anybody share what is the margin requirement of RK global to trade in one lot of Nifty?
Approx.30k (either Intraday or positional.)
hi ,

just go to aliceblue securities...

10000 for 25 years in f&o, cash market.... go to their website.

i joined in this scheme.. so far no problem.. smoothly going..


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