Everything that glitters is not gold

hi dear friends one of the thing i wanna say is dont go for humors and tips bcuase that what will hurt u or wash out your returns .I SAID IN TITLE THAT ALLTHAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD bcz its a bull run and everything in bull runs goes up and u think that u r the master of this game but beleive me its just illussion the real test of u r caliber is when its bear run . I m not saying that its a end of bull but now the market is going so high day by day that for investor specially retail investor its time to be cautious bcz its a reatil or u can say small investor that hurt most bcz fiis are investing when the market was 2800and they had made a decent returns.I STILL BELEIVE THE INDIAN GROWTH STORY AND ITS GOING A LONG WAY BUT THE VALUATION IN THE MARKET IS NOT CHEAP AT THIS POINT AND EVERY ONE HAS TO LOOK FOR STOCKS WHICH ARE NOT SPECULATIVE AND BE A CONTRAIN AT THIS POINT DONT FOLLOW THE HERD MENTALITY OTHERWISE U WILL GET BADLY HURT. I M IN CONTINOUS QUSET FOR VALUE STOCKS AND KEEOP ON RESARCHING WHENEVER I GET THE FUNDAMENTALLY GOOD STOCK I WILL TELL U AT THIS SITE
Re: Eevrything that glitters is not gold

dear suresh i like u r article and u r undesrtanding abt the market plzz keeo giving us the more insight
Re: Eevrything that glitters is not gold

hello its good to c that pepole like u r also there in market bcz now a days pepole beleive only in day trading and short term thanx for so nice scrip

Re: Eevrything that glitters is not gold

hi dinesh thanx for u r kind words i will try my beat to help pepole on this board by giving good value picks and that only for long term thanx



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till ystrday it looked in the mkt that any stock that glitters is gold until the reality opened the pandoras box.....2day !;)

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