ETFs or CFDs??

After struggling to finish learning technical analysis - both Western and Eastern, Money Management etc. I am now stuck with choosing the right instrument to start trading.

ETFs or CFDs - While these fancy sounding names look very attractive, after researching the net, one realizes that, in fact, they are more transparent and apparently more trader/investor friendly - but are they available in India? I know that ETFs are, but CFDs???

The million dollar question - or shall I say Crore question is which is better suited for the Indian Markets?

Is it the EFT or CFD? And which broker provides the ideal platform to trade these?

Any help with thi


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EFT - not as liquid as you might think ! volumes slowly picking up. Not for intraday trading considering the volumes.

CFD - not available via Indian exchanges. a broker like GCI might offer it. Not sure how closely it co-relates to the index.

best instruments to trade are Index futures and options.

all the best.

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