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Need help with Advanced Get (GET). Have EOD data from 1995 through 3/28/07 from e-signal. Get free EOD data downloads now covering 3/28/07 forward. Can convert the data to ASCII 7 data for GET and mapped to MetaStock Library in GET . PROBLEM: GET charts show either old data up to 3/28/07, or new data from 3/29/07 through yesterday but not both together.

Does anyone know how to append new data to old in GET so I can bring charts up with data that is continuous from 1995 through current?

Also, how do you adjust the data for stock splits in GET?

If anyone needs to know where to get free EOD data let me know.

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You can find it free at EODdata.com. They also have different levels of membership for $$.

I haven't yet figured out how to append each daily data update to all previous without converting all old and new data together each day. If you convert each day's data separately, the tuitlity EODdata provides puts each days data into its own subfolder next to folders for other days. Problem, GET looks at only one folder at time so you get charts with one days data.

If you figure out how, please let me know how.


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