Help - Convert Metastock 10 EOD data to Advanced Get

hey guys rkkarnani has already explained it in detail with his attached file.

still problem in accesing data in advancedget means show his attachment to software personal he ll guide u


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first of all u need to paste 2 dll file in system 32 of window directory. may be u got those file with get 7.8(it is preferable than 9.1, as 9.1 is not stable).
i can gist u . first u have to go file>datapaths. press add button , select metastock file librery. then press properties. here u can have brows option to setect metastock data path.then press ok to finish.
now file>new chart. get take some seconds to scan meta u set no of bars as 5000( or test it from 800). now press rescan. u have symbols now on left side. for new symbol . just type right symbol on the chart pane.

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