Employee aspiring to be A FULL TIME TRADER

Hi Everyone,

I am Santosh. I have been following this forum for quite a few days but this is my first post. I am in stock market for the past 2 years. Tried many tools and techniques in equity, futures, options buying and selling. After all the costly lesions learned through multiple failures, I could able to manage option selling in stocks. Earning few bucks but consistently for the past 6 months. To quit my job and achieve the financial freedom I have been dreaming about, I need to perform well month on month till Mar 2026.

I know it's a long journey. I will be posting my trades through this tread...
I had a suggestion for you since you are using excel to track your trades. Doesn't this get a little cumbersome esp when you roll over a trade.. I'd suggest, try optionlogy.com, they track your trade automatically. Looks like this - (I've expanded strategy #2 to show you positions under the strategy -
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 2.05.19 AM.png