Effectiveness of different time frames of the charts?

Hello Traders, I wanted to know the effectivity of different time frames on the charts for all the different Candlestick patterns like Doji, Harami and etc. and also with the technical indicators. Which time frames are most effective for these patterns and indicators?


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It is wrong to think that one time frame is better than other. By changing time frame you can just view more data on chart. Except this there is no use of this.
You should use higher time frame at least to know general trends and where support and resistance line stand. Then move to shorter time period but keeping marked those lines. Depending on your trading method see what you need. For intraday trading you would need very short time frame for chart
I do not know with reference specifically to the indicators specified by the author. Many people say that you can work on the H4 timeframe and higher. Personally, I can trade on M15 and higher. Lower than M15 nothing works for me.


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The White Queen, it all depends on your trading strategy. Be.sciwiz did not mentioned what strategy he is applying so he gets only general answers. Your strategy is obviously very short term as you get good results on smaller time frames. Have you already tested H4 time frame? How it works for you?


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Every time frame has different behavior and you have to trade on a single timeframe at a time. If you are going long on a trade then you have to trade in higher timeframe. If you are going short then you have to choose lower timeframe. Higher timeframe is the best one!