E-GOLD - Is it worth investing?

Gold is an essential investment these days, which everyone want in his portfolio, E-Gold is a unique investment product launched by the National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) first time in the history of Indian commodities market. The product enables you to buy gold in an electronic form on the National Spot Exchanges trading platform and the gold bought by you will reflect in your demat account.

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E GOld - Is it worth investing
dear friend it is really worth investing thro% exchange traded fund because the price will actually reflecting the actual international price of actual gold in fact there will be a price difference of about30rsto 40rs that will be the real difference both at the time of buying&selling e gold u can accumulate the units &as&when the prices fall in international market&sell the units &accumulate physicalgold&the wastage charged by jewellers to one time when u buy gold infact the jewellers charge around 16 % wastage both when u buy&then 16% when u sell or exchange apart from the expenses of locker etc can be avoided
Hi vishal412,

Isn't e-gold illegal in India?

Ravi Chandra
Hi Ravi
E gold has been launched by National Spot Exchange Limited , which comes under SEBI, so i don't think it it illegal to invest in E GOld. But even if you had some piece of information on this, share with all investors here, it will be really very helpful to read such information.
Hi Vishal412,

Cheap on storage costs and transaction costs, finally physical gold is a good investment option. 1.5% was the return in rotating physical gold after all the charges. This way it could have been 50% at-least.
Well that's really good news then. E-Gold sounds great! :thumb:
Thanks for the info Vishal412 :clapping:

Ravi Chandra.
The e-gold that was deemed illegal by the RBI is an electronic currency that was introduced in 2006. It has been suspended since 2007. The e-gold launched by NSEL is a completely different product.
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Could somebody give a comprehensive review on how E Gold compares to Gold ETF?

For example, I am not interested in physical delivery and that is the only difference I could find. On the down side, it seems cumbersome to open a separate demat and a commodity trading account for buying E series products.

How reliable is this National spot exchange and why can't they simply list their E Gold on NSE?


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e-gold is a fund in which each unit will cost equal to 1 gm of gold.

Gold ETF is fund of funds whose face value will be Rs.10/- each. These Gold ETF's will invest in funds which will invest in gold. So, in this, administrative charges of the ETF and funds in which they had invested had to be borne by the investor.