doubt !

Hi all ! i am new to trading ...

i just want to know if i place a buy order for a script above the market price ..will the trade get executed?

eg: suppose ITC market price is 190 rs.. i place a buy order at 194 rs... will the trade get executed when i place the order???? .... please clarify this.. am very confused ! .


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As per my knowledge trade will be executed at prevailing market price. However, stock exchanges fix minimum and maximum price range for every scrip. I mean to say your abnromal higher buying price can be executed upto that range and thereafter it will be rejected.


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experts.. any views on this?
You have to place a STOP BUY reversr of STOP LOSS order. The order shall be executed at market rates or upto the rate specified by you, once the ITC is traded at 194/-

Your order in simple words would be something like this :

If ITC trades at 194/- buy X quantity at 194/- (This figure can be anything at 194 or more)

This type of orders are very common, when people who wish to buy on a Technical Break Out place orders at levels above the brakout levels.
To further to the question ,do all online brokers ..Eg IndiaBulls PIB ,ODIN ..have this facility to put a limit order above the market price ?Also do all the online brokers have After Market Orders ,are there any how dont have this facility ?I work odd hours hence need to put my orders at 6.00 or 7.00 Am .Please let me know .

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