Double or Sit like BEAR


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Sorry paint / house
Bought gland @ 2100 of remaining money now i am all in Gland
sucker better comes 3190 in a year zzzzzzz lol


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you pick any share buy its up 10% 20% 30%
and i knew 4th feb market will make top

i picked gland
as soon as i picked gland it got elipsed

Main karu tao sala charater dhila hai

i am give this 3 yrs will not trade only gland 8k after 3 yrs ;xD

I am staring to beleive All share new listed with facevalue 2 are Shi *** t
it;s a Share Lion when it;s favevalue is 10 ;xD
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i squared off gland idk why
now invested all everything i had in
Indigo paints @2700


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Every thing i touch get eclipsed
Everything i leave gets super rocket booster idk lol

Tejas whats price lol
Gland whats price
Happy mind whats price

I too feel like i was so close to make the history like same in video ^^ hahaha
this time indio hel;l breaks i am not goign to leave this for 10 yrs ... or untill it goes 6000
peter says think of industry that be still there after 10 yrs paint wont die in 10 yrs they be still there . lol



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ok after months of no action i squared off indigo paints in loss
Now i bought route mobile for 1602 price

after all this is done .. i look at charts i feel now indigo paints will start rising lol it;s a record every share i left started to rise after i quitted.
This time i picked route mobile and plans to stay with it hopefully i doesnt gets eclipsed lol

shares listed at 600 issue price 350 or so .... was 900 as average for 2months after launch
now at 1602 i buy LOL doesnt looks like good move does it but hey Something inside me tells Route mobile 5000 xD in next 3 yrs

Question is can i remain still for 3 yrs


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lol to late i bought and tarded too my final cost settled 1602 haha ;xD

And today result came low profit then previouse Q on Q marginal low ...

. Eveything i touch gets ellipsed ^^

NOw it;s 1530 or odd so...haha seems like uptill next quarter or atleats 2-3 week this cat will sleep like dead .

A friend Of mine to mock me asks me every week whats route mobile price i say him
Route mobile taanhazar ;xD
offocurse below 1580 it has broken ribs
Untill 1426 Stands I sand Hard like Rocco ;xD


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sold all route today ...
i am buy this in next week or so i feel something is gone a happen so sold all

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