Double or Sit like BEAR


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1+2 =3 month wise So yeah lucky me lol

Bought share price is already lower then i bought What a great start itls liek meeting Beautiful women and saying hey i got Pain in my jewles already lol

IN 3 yrs time hopefully this one turns 664 . if luck is by my side even 1 year be sufficient

i had route tejas all i sold too early now there prices are high i know after year there price will go higher too but for now this was cheap as compared to them so yeah
Happist mind 4146 @ 327

NOw sleeps for entire year

so see ya in next Dec 2021 if i am on planet earth :xD
Never give up


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Bought gland @ 2212 and sold too also lol after i sold it went 9 % ;( up zzzzz

now bought Tejas network @132

Now sleeps seeya after 1 yrs now bank is empty lol
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sold all tejas all
sold route all
sold happy mind all

bought tejas all back ;xD

keep bleeding ;xD it;s a perioud song haha
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sold tejas all today
will reenter if it goes 131 again

now will buy the one of 3 company that is goign to listed idk which may be all3 or teja whichever one coems first

railways one
paint one
and house one
when they get listed
All three are virgin blood lol


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i am put 25% of money in Gland Pharma ;xD right on 9;16 am tomorrow
2140 is super rate as per Master Gann ;xD below 2094 is marvandi lol
but i am buy at whatever openes. I dream of gland babe @3109 + in next 9 month

always standing in line for tejas # 131 lol today it was 135 then rose zzz

market will fall may be but will recover at double speed 13500 or back to 14500 is the question

4feb is a important decesitive day for new bull / bear that god only know but that be a Origin date
mostly i expect be begining of bull market
4th feb ? 14400? possible ? or 13500 ? lol
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Bought gland @ 2150 ;xD right on the dot

if master was alive he would have bought at 2140 ;xD todays low 2131 haha
i am impatient ;xD

Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love keep bleeding ......

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dropped investment plan of railwayt

bought 25% more of gland @ 2130

so now 50% money is allocated to gland

rest 50% will buy paint or home finanace

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