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dear friends,
i have seen several posts of the TIPS loving friends, who want to make money w/o studying the stock market....

I am sharing my ordeal with U all so that people donot b befooled to these mushroom websites who offer daily tip @ Rs.500 pm to Rs.5000 pm........

Before Jan2008 I was also using similar methodology for working on tips from such Advisories, few of them also appeared on CNBC too. (its not correct to name them).... I was used to pay hefty amount monthly....... in Jan08 fall, i was advised convincingly to hold positions by an eminent Advisory. What happened everybody knows, wen market did not recovered all advisory vanished....

After few months I started learning technicals by reading literature and took several classes too.... in three or four months time picture started getting clear how market moves, I was capable to device my trading system and following it most of the time yielded Profits only......... I also go wrong, but, Atleast with this study i can exit with minimum loss.

Now, I use Amibroker, see 1min charts/ 2min have plenty of AFL's and live data I take from www. market-data-provider. com ( i have tried sevarl data vendors too)....

My purpose of this post is to advice the TIPS Seeker to work little hard for sometime and then Jump in market..........

If these TIPS givers are so competent then Y donot they make money....

believe me they too like us....

I invite all friends to have open discussion on this issue for the benefit of TIPS LOVERS, rest is their choice....
Since you use amibroker....I've some in india how can I get amibroker??..I'm not a professional trader.....a part time trader.....not get too much time in day to trade....for me ideal is mid term trading....currently i'm using share khan trade tiger terminal...but main issue is that here i can't automate the trigger points in trade like amibroker....please suggest best solution for me....

Thanks & Regards,
Well i would not totally agree that stock advisories are fraud..
Althought i have come across many such ones(wudnt disclose names), but i feel that if an analyst(tech. or fundamental) is good at his research.. he will give good tips .. i.e profits.


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I totally agree with u. most of these tip providers are useless. but what I fail 2 understand is that there is this man who has cheated u of ur money. u did not just lose the money that u paid him but also a lot more in the mkt. due to his faulty analysis of the situation and yet u r not ready 2 name him. names of such analysts should be put up on display so that the new entrants to the mkts get to know the exact calibre of these so called experts. (if it is not against the forum rules of which I am not sure of)


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