Does anyone here do any sort of Statistical Analysis?

I would like to discuss statistical analysis methods to find price patterns or test trading systems. I started getting very interested in this after I read posts by a user named "Acrary" on the EliteTrader forums ( Acrary has shared a ton of valuable information about developing & testing trading systems. This particular thread is an example:

But a lot of it is way over my head. I am in the process of brushing up my statistics and also in the process of developing programs to do some exercises acrary mentioned in the thread. But I would very much like to discuss this stuff with anyone who is doing something like this or anything using statistics.

Those of you who may be interested in Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis on the net can check out


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Yes, i am interested in statistical analysis of share price moments and use some basic functions of statistics.

I have been working on the development of a stock screener for daytrading. the objective of the program is to identify about ten stocks which have a good potential for growth on the following day.

In this software, i use exponential moving averages, correlation and other statistical functions. the various parameters of stock price data (of the previous 3 to 5 days) that may have a bearing on the next day's change of price are being correlated with the next day's price changes. all such parameters which are found to have a bearing to next day's price changes are weighed and combined together into a function (this is just a number). that function's correlation to next days price changes are optimised (maximised). i was able to get about 70 % correlation when index moves within normal ranges and further improvement is in progress.

I intend to submit the criteria for review by this august group for expert opinion, as i do not consider myself as an expert investor.

Once the screener is finalised, i love to post the list of identified stocks to this forumon a day to day basis.

I love to read the responses to this post.

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