DMI and ADX with different parameters


I'm a new one to amibroker, I hope u can help...

I'm looking for an afl of ADX - DMI where i can have for example ADX parameter 10 and DMI parameter 14

Thankx a lot for your help :)


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ADX_Pds = Param("ADX Range", 10, 3, 300);
DI_Pds = Param("+DI/-DI Range", 14, 3, 300);

My_ADX = ADX(ADX_pds);
My_PDI = PDI(DI_Pds);
My_MDI = MDI(DI_Pds);

Plot(My_ADX, "ADX", colorBlue, styleThick);
Plot(My_PDI, "+DX", colorGreen);
Plot(My_MDI, "-DX", colorRed);

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